Online community ‘VATOGONZALEZ.COM’ launches second edition of ‘Army of Bastards’ mixtape2

AMSTERDAM (April 24, 2013) – In 2012, online community VATOGONZALEZ.COM made headlines when they unleashed the first ‘user-generated’ mixtape, ‘Army of Bastards’. The mixtape introduced you to talents like Martin Garrix and Olivier Heldens, amongst others, who since the release of the mixtape have put out records on labels such as Musical Freedom, Spinnin’, and DOORN. The 6000+ active members community, which also counts renowned DJ’s like Hardwell, Nicky Romero and Quintino amongst its members, now takes the stage with the second edition of the ‘Army of Bastards’ mixtape series, which will be released Wednesday April 24 at 4pm (CET) as free download at VATOGONZALEZ.COM and will once again, consist strictly of productions by the members of the online community. Vato Gonzalez, also known as the ‘Dirty House Bastard’, artist/producer of UK Top 10 hit ‘BadmanRiddim’ and UK Top 20 hit ‘Not a Saint’, and moderator of the community, selected the freshest cuts from over 150 submissions and put them together in the ‘Army of Bastards 2’ mixtape.

Vato Gonzalez about the new mixtape: “The Army of Bastards is movement that goes beyond the support I'd like to give to the next generation of artists. It's truly an army of people who are as passionate about music as I am. As a collective we look out for our own,  not only when it comes to producing, but also in matters of music theft or the exploitation of new talent by the profiteering gluttons of this industry. We do not take such matters lightly. Any artist can tell you how hard it is to come up in this business when you are on your own, that is why we've joined forces and found strength in numbers. It's easy to mess with one bastard, but not with a whole army of us. Anybody who shares our passion for producing EDM is most welcome amidst us, regardless if they are headlining on major festivals or producing in a basement. I'm very proud at The Army of Bastards as a collective, not only because they are an incredibly talented bunch but also because they truly stand up for each other.”

To support the launch of the mixtape, Vato Gonzalez produced the opening track ‘Strength in Numbers’, which serves as the mixtape’s anthem and will be released shortly. Vato Gonzalez: “With this mixtape series, I try to encourage young producers (of any genre) that there’s a lot you can do yourself without the help/support of the industry, from production to distribution. Don’t get discouraged, you’re not alone in your struggle to find your way to the top. Look around you and assemble! Therefore, ‘Strength in Numbers’ has become the anthem of this mixtape.”

Tracklist :
01. Vato Gonzalez - Strength in Numbers (AOB2 Anthem)
02. Volts, GuiseppeFunka& RMCO - Pik
03. Kama Qu ft. Juliette claire - Moment
04. Olivier Heldens&RyanSauvage - The Pagga Song
05. Mystique & AMRO - Sausage (Jonathan Pitch More Sausage Fattener Remix)
06. Sedelic&Backcornerz - Blaster
07. Olivier Heldens& Jasper Dietze - Hot Right Now
08. Emilio G - Alpha
09. Aaron Chase - Stars
10. Crowd Pilots - Human
11. Martin Falkenberg& Ruben Kusters - Psychedelic
12. Backcornerz - Wooow
13. Robby East &Beatbangersz - Just Stupid
14. Aaron Chase - Ventura
15. Volts - Motivate
16. Anoosh - Trial & Error
17. Mad Nation - Agora
18. Arvana - Bingo
19. D-Velro ft. Mae - Ennoir (RMCO remix)
20. Veni - GTFO!


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